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TeleHeath involves use of electronic communications to enable Dr. Levings to improve your access to care through consultation when you are unable to come into the clinic. In order to utilize this form of treatment, you must have video capacity so I can see you, too, and an email account. By law, patients that are utilizing TeleHealth with Dr. Ann MUST be physically present in the State of California at the time of the consultation.

Obviously, acupuncture and other manual treatments cannot be performed by TeleHealth.  However, through a series of questions and visual observation, an Eastern medicine pattern of dysfunction can be established and  many aspects of Chinese medicine can be delivered &/or recommended via TeleHealth. Since Dr. Ann is also an RN, she can also provide nursing consultation and education via TeleHealth.

Examples of modalities and treatments Dr. Ann may recommend during your TeleHealth session include (this is NOT an all-inclusive list):

  • Recommendation of eastern herbal formulas and/or specific foods to treat the pattern of dysfunction 
  • Recommendation and demonstration of QiGong, exercises or postural alignment designed to improve your condition
  • Demonstration or recommendation of resources for learning physical treatments to carry out at home (such as moxa or guasha)
  • Recommendation of lifestyle changes or additions
  • Nursing observation of symptoms of concern and recommendations of home treatment or appropriate  western-type intervention.
  • Nursing education, including teaching you about your western diagnosis, medications,  labs or diagnostic test results, and alternative treatments that may be available to address these issues.

How to make a TeleHealth appointment

Use this link to set a new patient TeleHealth appointment or use this link to set an established patient TeleHealth appointment (patients that are on the acupuncture service already are "established" patients.)

New patients must fill out all admission forms (see admission form tab) AND the TeleHealth  consent and consultation form that is available above and below. These forms must be returned via email ( or fax ( 530-691-4510).

Established patients new to TeleHealth must sign and submit the TeleHealth consent form before their first TeleHealth consultation and send to Dr. Ann via email ( or fax ( 530-691-4510).

All patients must must submit a TeleHealth consultation form prior to EVERY appointment via email ( or fax ( 530-691-4510).

TeleHealth appointments are designed to be brief and can only address one pattern of dysfunction during each visit. New patient TeleHealth appointments are 20 minutes long to review the patient's history as it may affect the current dysfunction and cost $20. Established patient TeleHealth appointments are 10 minutes long and cost $10.

All TeleHealth appointments must be pre-paid. If you have a credit card or debit card on file, it will be automatically billed. Otherwise, a  PayPal invoice from my alternate email ( will be sent to your email and must be paid prior to your appointment. No refund is issued unless you cancel this appointment properly--2 hours prior to appointment time or you have a documented emergency.

Recommended herbals or other items that can be purchased from Dr. Ann are generally ready for pick up later the same day--unless otherwise discussed. Dr. Ann will bill your credit card on file or send an invoice that must be paid before pick up.


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