TeleHealth--How it works

1. To use TeleHealth with must be physically present within the State of California during the time of the call and  you must have videoconferencing capability--an electronic device that has access the internet with good reception, a camera with video capacity and a mike. This is a healthcare appointment so it would be best to have an earbud or similar so others cannot hear the conversation.

2. Schedule your appointment using the various electronic options (facebook, website). .

3. Open the document accompanying your appointment confirmation (it might be at the top, it might be at the bottom). This has vital information you will need before your appointment.

3. Five minutes before your appointment, log into Dr. Ann's TeleHealth using the link provided in your confirmation email. Use the same name you used to schedule your appointment--otherwise I might not know the right person is waiting.  Bring paper and pen to make notes of recommendations.  For your privacy and to improve audio quality, it is best to be alone in a quiet room--turn off music, ringers, notifications, and the like on your devices.

4. I will get a notice that you are in my "waiting room". I will review your consultation form (and new patient information, if applicable) you sent as instructed in the above referenced document. Be prepared for your appointment.                        

5. You will be notified on the screen when I am connecting to you.

6. Once we are properly connected, you will appear on my screen and I will appear on your screen. Please be sure you have a strong signal so we don't get disconnect.


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