LaoShi Tales--3rd Saturday at 3pm

Each month, Wellness Acupuncture hosts LaoShi (teacher) Tales to help explain and disseminate the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine to enhance self-care and understand the integration of this medicine for healthy aging and longevity.

Each month we start by offering Food First--because food is the first medicine. Dr. Ann presents the "medicine" of the featured food and the chef is available for any questions regarding the preparation of the specific dish. The recipe is  available as a take-home gift.

Following food, Dr. Ann or a special guest, presents a focused topic. In 2019, we are discussing the seasons, their characteristic and intrinsic problems, and how to adjust food and activity to maximize health in each season. This information is based on the textbook Health Cultivation in Chinese Medicine by Liu Zhan-wen, Mark Mondot, et al. (2012). This book is available at Amazon--paperback or kindle.

Classes are free. We appreciate you tipping the chef for all her time and effort to prepare and present the dishes featured. Space is limited so reserve your seat at the next class at: LaoShi Tales

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